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Teachers and students from Lanzhou University of science and technology visited Zhejiang company


On January 8, Chen Yongtai, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of life science and engineering of Lanzhou University of technology, Cao Lihong, deputy director of the University's employment guidance service center, Yang Lin, Professor of pharmaceutical engineering of the college, Tang Aili, teacher of the employment department, and eight graduates of 2020 level came to Zhejiang company for a visit. Ying Liang, director of the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Xianju County, Hu Songwei, deputy director of the Bureau, and the heads of relevant departments accompanied the investigation.
Through the early connection of human resources and Social Security Bureau, the company has reached a preliminary intention with Lanzhou University of technology to build a "teaching practice base". The purpose of this meeting is to implement the relevant details of the practice base.
Secretary Chen Yongtai and his party first came to plant B of Zhejiang company. Xu Chuanlong, executive vice president of the company, Chen linmiao, Minister of pharmaceutical and chemical department, and relevant personnel of human resources department introduced the development process and basic information of the company to teachers and students of Lanzhou University of technology in detail. After knowing the situation, Secretary Chen Yongtai also introduced the basic situation of Lanzhou University of technology.
Zhang Fulu, one of the eight students who came to visit this time, has signed a tripartite agreement with the company. Zhang Fulu said that he had known about the company before and now felt better than expected through field visits. Secretary Chen Yongtai and his party also visited the company's fund-raising workshop and Research Institute, and fully affirmed the company's technical strength and infrastructure construction.
Lanzhou University of technology and the company reached a consensus on building a "teaching practice base", and awarded the bronze medal of the practice base to the company. Next, Lanzhou University of science and technology will arrange willing students to come to the company for internship according to the company's demand for fresh graduates. At present, the company has reached a preliminary consensus with a number of colleges and universities in and out of the province on matters related to the establishment of internship base, and the establishment of internship base with colleges and universities will become a normalization in the future. The goal of this initiative is to provide the company with continuous fresh blood for a long time.



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