Gathering life energy
Caring for human health

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Corporate culture

Gathering life energy and Caring for human health


Become a global leader in contrast agents

Starry people dreams

■ build the company into the largest and most complete factory of iodine contrast agent generic pharmaceutical products in the world

Starry people mission

■ bring human health and human life into old age rather than death, and contribute to the health of all mankind

Starry people five spirits

■ the spirit of pursuing the sun and achieving dreams; the spirit of perseverance and tenacity; the spirit of reform and innovation and surpassing oneself; the spirit of diligence and self-discipline; the spirit of gathering energy and being open to new things

Three big dreams

■ health, prosperity and happiness

Three commitments

■ cultivate younger cadres and open up the channels for promotion to grass-roots employees

■ provide training opportunities

■ provide a fair and just competitive environment

Five platforms

■ development platforms of professional talents, compound talents, devoted talents, and females, and development platform for fresh college graduates


■ gathering life energy and caring for human health

Corporate vision

■ become a global leader in contrast agents

Corporate spirit

seek perfection in a down-to-earth manner

Management policy

■ nurture first-class talents and build first-class enterprise

■ innovate first-class products and provide first-class services


■ dedication makes people full and contribution makes them happy

Outlook on talents

■ use your wisdom and fulfill your duties. The platform is also a challenge arena.

Management guidelines

act in accordance with rules and regulations

Staff guidelines

■ reduce costs bit by bit, pay attention to quality;

■ create benefits and build image from every detail

Development policy

■ replace imports with specialized products and fill domestic gaps

  Standing in the east of the world and looking out at the sunrise of the century, Starry people make the solemn commitment that "gathering life energy and caring for human health" is our eternal pursuit.

The surging Yong'an River water flows ceaselessly into the East China Sea and the ocean while Weikuo Maintain stands magnificently high into the sky. At a time when China is fully integrated into the world economy and the nation is creating prosperity again, Starry people realize that historic opportunities lie ahead and that it is impossible for us to turn them into success and benefits without wisdom and business opportunities.


  Therefore, "winning trust with reputation and creating benefits with efficiency" is our management philosophy. And "seeking perfection in a down-to-earth manner" is our company's corporate spirit. We are determined to follow them to create a renowned brand of "Starry Pharm".


  Starry people keep the sacred mission firmly in mind and a sacred pursuit of life is enlightening us: "Dedication makes people full, and contribution makes them happy." This is our values. Starry people are clearly aware that today's market competition is, in the final analysis, the competition of knowledge and talents. Therefore, we have established our new outlook on talents: "Use our wisdom and fulfill our duties. The platform is also a challenge arena" in order to attract more talents and make the company prosper.


  Starry people clearly realize that many a little makes a mickle. Therefore, we will take "reduce costs bit by bit, pay attention to quality, create benefits and build image from every detail" as our guidelines and encourage ourselves to create a brilliant Starry.


  Opportunities and risks coexist. Miracles come from ideals. Let us impress the world: Starry Pharm will be scoring one success after another!