Gathering life energy

Caring for human health

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Gathering life energy and Caring for human health


The spirit of pursuing the sun and achieving dreams


Health, prosperity and happiness


Contribute to the health of all mankin

Industrial layout


Contrast agent series

Over the past 20 years, the company has maintained a good and stable development momentum and has become the leading enterprise of X-CT nonionic contrast agent bulk drugs in China. The products that have the industrialization capability include iohexol bulk drug, iopamidol bulk drug, iodophor bulk drug, iopromide bulk drug, iodixanol bulk drug, etc.


Fluoroquinolones series

In terms of quinolone series bulk drug, the company is at the domestic leading level in the separation and synthesis of impurities in levofloxacin series products, ranking fourth in the country in production scale, and is one of the largest levofloxacin series manufacturers in China.

Starry Pharmaceutical

Deeming "gathering life energy and caring for human health" as its business philosophy and "replacing imports with specialized products and filling domestic gaps" as its development policy, the company has continuously enriched X-ray contrast agent series products and strived to maximize the scale of existing core products of X-ray contrast agent bulk drugs. At the same time, it is committed to developing new drugs with independent intellectual property rights and accelerating its development into the field of preparations. The company will strive to become a well-known pharmaceutical enterprise in China and even in the world while building Starry into an outstanding pharmaceutical brand.

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06 15

To fully embody the external to the humanistic care of employees, promote foreign staff's happiness and sense of belonging, on June 14, is our traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival, the company


06 12

In order to enhance the awareness of TPM equipment management, create a good working atmosphere, and improve the centripetal force and cohesion of the team, on June 12th, the labor union of the compan


05 19

On May 19th, Xiang Wenbo, the chief of the Taxation Administration Section of Taizhou Customs, and his delegation came to the company to conduct a tax investigation.


05 17

On May 17th, Yu Haiya, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, visited our company for inspection and guidance, accompanied by Zhu Jiping, deputy dire

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