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Company news

Company news


The company won the honorary title of 2020 Xianju County Top 30 Private Enterprises Tax Payers and so on

February 23, the county party committee, the county government held in the county party school to optimize the business environment and project promotion conference. Hu Jinsheng, chairman of the compa

Spring | "three services" activity of county YanHaiRong a line to visit my company

On February 19, Yan Hairong, the secretary of the county party committee, together with the county commission office, the county party committee inspection office, the county development and reform bu

Good start! 2021 has the "Ben" head

Taurus open the door, Thanksgiving accompanied, Ben wealth, 100 million 2021! This resounding slogan resounds throughout the sky, Shouting out the vast number of employees in the New Year to be the fi

President's Spring Festival speech

"Yang and Kai Insects, products are spring". The Beginning of Spring has just passed, and the Spring Festival is coming. Let's bid farewell to the old and welcome the New Year together. First of all,

New Year's resolutions have | department too set activities reported in the New Year

New Year's eve, thousands of lights; Family reunion dinner, every family. This year's New Year's Eve is a little different from the past, "New Taizhou people" in Staili actively responded to the natio

Company too with love for home, people on New Year's day | leave together

On January 29th, "Love for Home, Stay Together -- I Celebrate New Year's Initiative in Xianju" was held in our company. County Party Standing Committee, County Economic Development Zone Party Work Com

The sixth and seventh staff congress of the company was held smoothly

On January 26th, the sixth and seventh employee congress of the company was held grandly in the training room on the sixth floor of B factory. County Federation of Trade Unions vice chairman Lv Yongmi

Taizhou "500 elite plan" innovative talent enterprise independent evaluation reform pilot officially launched in our company

On January 9th, Taizhou City "500 Elite Plan" innovative talent enterprise independent evaluation reform pilot was officially launched in our company. The "500 elite plan" enterprise independent evalu

Peng Xijun, general manager of Shanghai New Jinshan Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited our company

On January 7th, Peng Xijun, general manager of Shanghai New Jinshan Industrial Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and his party visited our company for investigation and guidance.

Stellilli pharmaceutical charity sponsor |2020 xianju marathon passion run

In order to better respond to the call of "national campaign", the 2020 Xianju Marathon was officially launched on December 27, "Happy Fairy Run among the landscape of Yanxia". The marathon was organized by Xianju County People's Government, organized by the Publicity Department of Xianju County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xianju County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television tourism and Sports, and co-sponsored by Zhejiang Stelli Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
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